Islands and Villas

"Everyone knew that all islands were worlds unto themselves, that to come to an island was to come to another world." —Guy Gavriel Kay 

As we experienced Islands and Villas around the world, we discovered luxurious destinations that captivated our hearts. To be surrounded by the sea in paradise where everything is new and exciting, but you have everything you need. Those are the types of journeys we strive to provide for our guests.


Meet Keeley Vickerson

Keeley Vickerson, CEO and travel advisor of Islands and Villas, founded her agency with a mission to make luxury travel to exotic islands and villas possible. Keeley aligned her business with leading worldwide travel partners. She has intensely learned hotel, tour and cruise travel planning processes. And she's traveled to about 20 top-island destinations around the world. Islands and Villas is Keeley's way of sharing her favorite wanderlust vacations with people who love travel experiences filled with luxury, culture, and adventure.